Bornholm – the island

Holiday like in the good old days.
Sea, nature, recreation.
For the whole family.

Bornholm is worth a visit at any time!

sunrise as seen from the terrace

Traveling to Bornholm

Depending on the time of the year and where you are coming from there are different options to travel to Bornholm. Many roads not only lead to Rome, but to Bornholm, too.

Travel to Bornholm by ship / by ferry

There are several ferries to Bornholm:


  1. Ystaad – Rønne – Ystaad
    (all year)
  1. Køge – Rønne – Køge
    (fall year)
  1. Sassnitz – Røenne – Sassnitz
    (seasonal ferry – normally from end of March untill end of October)

Cars / bicycles / motorbikes can be taken on the ferries. During the high season from June to August it is particularly recommended to book your ferry in time, so that the desired date, especially on the ferry crossing Sassnitz Ronne Sassnitz is still available.

If you choose a ferry via Køge or Ystad, there are additional options for you to go for the ferry from Puttgarden and another option from Rødby on Zealand. From there, it’s about 80 minutes by car to Køge or about 3 ½ hours Ystad.

If you take the ferry from Puttgarden you can pay the toll for the Øresund Bridge directly on that ferry.

For more details about ferry timetables please vist the following webpages: (available in English, German, Swedish and Danish) (available in English, German, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and Polish)

Travel to Bornholm by plane


Multiple times a day an air plane from Kopenhagen is arriving on Bornholm Air Port, which is only a few minutes by car away from the biggest city on Bornholm, Rønne. At the air port there is a car rental and there are taxis and bob cochaes waiting for you to bring you where you want to on the island. The flight time from Kopenhagen to Rønne is about 35 minutes and is operated by the airline DAT – Danish Air Transport.

For booking please visit the website (available in English and Danish)

More if you’d like to see the current arrivald and departure times you can find them on the website of the Bornholm Air Port here: (available in English and Danish)

Travel to Bornholm by train
The Intercity “Bornholm” takes you from Kopenhagen to Ystaad once a day, starting at the Central Station Kopenhagen. Your train ticket also allows you to use the whole public transport in Kopenhagen and all bus connections on Bornholm. The total travelling time of the ferry is about 3 hours. If you’d like to take your bike with you, don’t forget to buy a ticket for the train for it as well.


For ticket booking please visit the website (available in English)

Travel to Bornholm by bus
The Bornholm bus line 866 runs several times a day from Kopenhage to the ferry in Ystaad in Sweden. From there it then takes about 90 minutes by ferry to get to Rønne on Bornholm. The total travelling time including ferry is about 2 ½ hours starting from Kopenhagen.


You’ll find the bus stop in Kopenhagen directly at the central station. The journey takes you over the great Øresund Bridge directly to Ystaat where you have to change for the ferry. On bornholm at the ferry port there is a car rental, taxis and bus connections that will take you to wherever you’d like to go on Bornholm.Your ticket including the bus, the toll for the Øresund Bridge and the ferry from Ystaad to Rønne can be simply booked on the following website (available in German, English, Swedish and Danish)

Bornholm’s Velkomstcenter
(directly at the harbour of Rønne)
Nordre Kystvej 3
3700 Rønne

Phone: +45 5695 9500

Tourist Information
(just 6 km away from our beach house)
Sdr. Hammer 2A
3730 Nexø

Phone: +45 5649 7079


Beach of Dueodde

The beach of Dueodde, located at the southern tip of Bornholm, is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Denmark. You can see a blue flag waving there, an international jury regularly awards this special price for good water quality and nature protection. Dueodde is part of a 30 km long beach belt, which extends from Ronne to Nexoe. This beach is characterized by its fine, white sand and even in the peak season, everyone can find a nice spot on the beach or his “own hollow” in the dunes nearby.

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From the main car park (with toilets, kiosk and souvenir shop) at Fyrvejen you reach the beach by a long wooden walkway through the pine forest and the dunes. So it’s no problem to get to the sea with strollers or carts. And at the end of the walkway you will be rewarded by an amazing view of the beach and sea.

And of course you can have an even more exciting view from the top of the lighthouse  – with 48 meters it’s the tallest lighthouse in Denmark.

It’s a nice hike along the beach from our beach house to Dueodde (length about 5 km) and if you prefer not to walk the distance twice, there is also a bus service at the parking lot taking you back to Snogebæk.

Or you can have a 6 km bike ride with our bikes from the beach house to Dueodde of course.

tight snell

Fishing on Bornholm

Whether in the ocean or in one of the freshwater lakes – there are many places you can go fishing on Bornholm.

A fishing license can be obtained in every postal office, at the  Welcome Center in Rønne or online over the Internet.

Prices 2014:

  • Day ticket 40 DKR
  • Weekly ticket 130 DKR
  • Annual ticket 185 DKR
  • Kids, youth and 65y.+ free of charge
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With those licenses you can go fishing at no extra cost in the municipal waters.

At the sea you will prefer to go fishing from the shore – at the cliffs in the north or at one of the ports, e. g. in Snogebæk or in Arnager.
And at the port of Nexø codfish fishing trips with the cutter „MS Fortuna“ are being offered.

Free fishing at the following municipal lakes
Here’s a selection of municipal lakes where you can go fishing at no additional costs:

  • Smaragdsøen (lake at the Hasle Lystskov forrest)
  • Rubinsøen (lake at the Hasle Lystskov forrest)
  • Safirsøen (lake at the Hasle Lystskov forrest)
  • Snorrebakkesøen (lake at the road Snorrebakken next to Rønne)
  • Kanegårdssøerne (lakes at the Kanegårdsskoven forrest next to Rønne)
  • Kaolingraven (at the suburban area of Rønne)
  • The lake at the road Torneværksvej (at the suburban area of Rønne)

Free fishing spots in these state forrests

  • Sdr. Borgedal at the Rø Plantation
  • Åsedam at Almindingen

Chargeable fishing spots
These are the so called ‘Put & Take’ waters, which are managed by private hands.

  • Put & Take trout lake at Vellensbyvej (fishing license on site or at sporting goods store Dres Bornholm at Rønne)
  • Krusegård, three lakes near Rutsker (fishing license on site)
  • Stenbrudssøen, near family camping Nexø (fishing license on site at the camping kiosk)

fishing village


This romantic fishing village in the northeast of the island with less than 1000 inhabitants is the smallest town in Denmark. It is advisable to take the coastal road, so as not to miss the view of the typical red tile roofs of the town, that was built on the rocky slope.

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Gudhjem invites you to stroll through winding, sometimes steep streets. Visit nice shops, galleries and workshops there. For example, you can watch the production of caramel sweets in a candy factory and taste them on the spot.

Looking for a nice place to eat something it’s hard to choose between the cozy restaurants or smokehouses. We personally would never miss to get some “Krœlle-Bölle” at the ice cream shop at the harbor and sitting on the harbor wall enjoying the maritime flair of this place. (What used to be soft ice cream for us actually represents the mascot of the island: a small fairy tale character in the form of a troll.)

Starting here, you’d like to take a walk along the cliffs for sure. And you can do climbing from rock to rock a bit if you’d like to. In several places there is a fantastic view, not only of the sea, the small island of Christiansø, the harbor and the city, but also of some great houses that are built on the hillside. We normally take some bread crumbs with us for feeding the sea gulls – what’s not only makes fun for the the children.

In Gudhjem there are also several interesting museums:

Oluf Høst Museum (famous Painter from Bornholm)
Løkkegade 35 – 3760 Gudhjem
Tel.: +45 5648 50 38

Gudhjem Museum
Stationsvej 1 – 3760 Gudhjem
Phone: +45 6122 33 65

Just outside the town (see ‘Trip to Hellingsdoms Klipperne’, too):

Bornholm Museum of Art
Otto Bruuns Plads 1 – 3760 Gudhjem
Phone: +45 5648 43 86

glass manufactory

Baltic Sea Glass

Nowhere in Denmark, there are relatively more artisans than on Bornholm. The Craft here has a long tradition and includes ceramics, fabric, wood, metal up to the glass art which Bornholm is now known for far beyond the national boundarie.

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If you’re going to visit the beautiful port town of Gudhjem and drive along the costal road we recommend to make a stopover at Baltic Sea Glass, located next to Gudhjem directly a the sea and with a fantastic view over the Baltic Sea.

Renowned glass artists from around the world are working there and if you’re lucky, you can watch them working in their workshop and see how the beautiful glass art is being crafted.

Baltic Sea Glas
Melstedvej 47
DK-3760 Gudhjem

Phone: +45 5648 5641

costal area


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Bornholm, an island of contrasts. This sentence is clearly documented with the natural spectacle Helligdomsklipperne.

With dreamlike kilometers of sandy beaches in the south, you’ll find a rugged, but also charming rocky coast in the north.

Located between Tejn und Gudhjem, near the well-signposted Art Museum.

amusement park



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A nice amusement park with many attractions, such as the water slide park, a petting zoo, miniature golf, rock climbing, an artificial lake with paddle boats and even a large playground for children.

Joboland Brændesgårdshaven
Højevejen 4 – 3740 Svaneke
Phone: +45 56 49 60 76

Image: Wikipedia/Melsted, Bornholm (2012-07-12), by Klugschnacker

agricultural museum


A destination for youg and old. The Agricultural Museum is located at the idyllic seaside in Melsted and takes you to the period from the 18th to the early 20th century and shows how farm life took place at that time on Bornholm.

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However, the presence is not missed. See horses, cows, geese and many other animals in their barn and on the pasture. In the high season you can take carriage rides and taste meals cooked from historical recipes.

Bornholm Landbrugsmuseum
Melstedvej 25
3760 Gudhjem
Phone: +45 56 48 55 98

medieval museum

Middelaldercenter Bornholm

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On 15 hectare of land you can take a journey into the past. Very quickly you’re part of the action, not just as a bystander. Be it at archery, medieval braiding, stilt walk or see how the blacksmith crafts small pieces of art from simple material. Another highlight for both young and old certainly is the gunshot from the old cannon.

Auf 15 ha können Sie eine Zeitreise in die Vergangenheit unternehmen. Ganz schnell ist man mitten im Geschehen, statt nur dabei. Sei es beim Bogen schießen, mittelalterlichen Flechttechniken, Stelzen laufen oder schauen sie in der Schmiede zu wie aus einfachsten Materialien kleine Kunstwerke entstehen. Ein Höhepunkt für groß und klein ist sicherlich auch das Abfeuern der alten Kanone.

Stangevej 1 (Østerlars) near Gudhjem

fun & play

Miniature Golf

bornholm-minigolfThere are several facilities for playing miniature golf in the summer, e.g.

  • at Breno’s Restaurant directly next to our beach house
  • Miniature Golf Strandvejen 90, 3770 Allinge
  • Dueodde Family Camping
  • at Joboland


Mill of Aarsdale

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Located between Nexø and Svaneke you’ll find the Aarsdale Mølle. This well-preserved mill invites you to take a little break, e.g. on a bike ride.

Small pieces of art are manufactured from Bornholm granite and having a little snack here helps you to continue your journey.

Granit Værkstedet
Gaden 44
3740 Svaneke
Phone: +45 56 49 16 80



A destination that is worthwhile in any weather.

Not far from Snogebæk, in Aakirkeby, the NaturBornholm, a Natural History Museum invites you to experience our earth’s past. Walk through 1.7 billion years in just a few hours and get an interesting insight to geological developments.

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And if you’d like to know what it looks like underwater around Bornholm, you’ll be able to get new insights at the large aquarium.

Open April 1st until October 31th. All days from 10am to 5pm. Ticket shop open until 4pm.
(for up-to-date info please visit their webseite)

Grønningen 30
3720 Aakirkeby

Phone: +45 5694 0400


Circular Route Sandvig

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The trail near the castle Hammershus is embedded in a beautiful landscape. There are forests, the coast, sheep and many more to see.

Duration: about 4 hours

Starting point:
Sandvig Family Camping
Sandlinien 5 – 3770 Allinge/Sandvig
(about 30 minutes by car away, along the nice costal road)

nature experience

Waterfall Døndalen

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The waterfall Døndalen is located at the north coast of Bornholm near Gudhjem / Tejn.

Starting at the parking lot you’ll find find the 20 meters deep waterfall in an idyllic forrest after a half an hour walk. The trail is suitable for small children, too. The parking lot at Døndalen is about 30 minutes by car away from our beach house.

castle ruin


A well-preserved castle ruins of the 12th century. Hammershus is one of the largest fortifications in Northern Europe.

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As the ruins are at nearly 80 meters above sea level, in good weather you can have a great view of ther sea and Bornholm from there.

To learn more about the castle, you can visit the exhibition there.

Directions to Castle Hammershus:
Langebjergvej 26
3770 Allinge


Biking on Bornholm

Bornholm is made for biking lovers.

The total length of cycling routes across the island is about 200km. There are biking trails nearly everywhere so you rarely need to switch to the street. The pike trails are rather flat in the south and slightly hilly in the north. The national trail around the island is about 105 km long, but there are countless smaller stages of course. Bicycles and trailers (for those travelling with kids) can be rent almost everywhere.

For example, about 4km away from our beach house towards Nexø (Balk) there is a big bicycle rental on the left.



A wonderul destination and starting in Gudhjem by boat only about 50 minutes away. Actually Christiansø are two inhabited islands (Christiansø and Frederiksø) and a bird island (Græsholm). Since these islands are so small they are called Ertholmene (“pea islands”).

View on Google Maps

The inhabited islands are connected by a small footbridge and you can hike around the islands in about 2 hours. You’re never more than 10 minutes away from the port. There are about 90 people living on the island. And since it’s an ancient fortress island the island manager is still provided by the Department of Defense. Today, however, the unique nature and visiting the well-preserved fortress is the main cause for a visit for about 45.000 visitors a year.

In warm weather you should not forget to take your bathing suits with you. And packed with a picnic basked you’ll find a nice spot in the middle of the nature for a rest. Or you’d like to visit to the inn with it’s nice sea view. The unique bird life with guillemots and gulls is enriched by the Northern Gannet, which has settled on Christiansø completely uncommon for this species. And if you are very lucky you sometimes even get to see gray seals.

Great experiences are waiting for you at Christiansø what makes it well worth a visit in any case. However, it is not allowd to bring pets with you in order to protect the island’s unique wildlife. The boat departs from Gudhjem once a day from April to October.  Fo futher details please go to the website

Learn more about the island on

biggest town of the island


View on Google Maps

Rønne is the place where the buck stops. It is the seat of municipal and office management. Rønne has a large ferry terminal with connections to Germany, Sweden and Denmark. And there is an airport with planes coming from and fly to Copenhagen several times a day. Currently Rønne has about 14,000 residents.

This town offers very nice small shops, restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors.

You can spend som good times here while shopping or just strolling through the pedestrian zone.

Issue May 2015 (view full version)

tourist magazine

Denne Uges Bornholm

There is a multi-lingual free tourist magazine „Denne uge Bornholm“ (example: issue May 2015) , that will give you a good overview over the events and attractions on the island during your vacaion.

Most times you can get the magazine at the ferry already or on Bornholm in many shops like the supermarket Dagli Brugsen in Snogebæk.

See you in Bornholm!